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6th July 2017 - Keepin' it cool

Laptops - awesome machines but they get hot and need to breathe, which is why it drives me MENTAL when I see things like this:
Laptop on a bed - like, directly On.The.Bed
I mean, how is it that people think a laptop stays cool? Why do they say things like "It always gets too hot," or "I can't believe the house burned down!" when they put the bottom of the laptop - with the holes in where hot air gets out - onto a nice, padded, warm surface?
Anyway, the point of this post... I had an Aukey laptop cooling pad, was pretty good for a year of near continuous use until one of the three fans died. It has 2 USB slots so you don't lose out when it's plugged in the laptop. Only real issue I had was the rubber bits designed to keep the laptop in place kept coming off.
I have upgraded now, it really does feel like an update too. I got the E-Prance one, has 4 fans with settings to control which are on and the speed. To be fair I don't see that I would need to take them off max, it is really quiet. Has two ports again and a pair of clips to help keep the laptop in place if you need them - I don't seem to but I like that I have the option.
The true test will be when I have Farcry 3 running later. Runs perfectly on the machine without fans but the heat generated does worry me a little. Will be interesting to see the difference.

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6th July 2017 - New video source and the control

You may see some videos of gameplay on the S8 soon - found it has a great games recording feature.
Click HERE for a demo of me playing Hearthstone. Just missing my overlays. What I may have to do is run them through the PC before uploading.

Last night played around with my Moga Pocket and the new phone. I have used a few different controllers over the years with Android. I used to love using my PS3 pad with the Sixaxis software. Only issue with that being that you have to root the phone to get the most from it. The one thing it does that no other controller does (hense the need for root) is you can assign areas of the touchscreen to the buttons or analogue sticks.
The next device after using that I couldn't root, then I had the Priv - also unrootable. Not rooted the Sammy, not yet.
I have used another controller, the name of which escapes me, that was quite good for a dpad and buttons and it held the phone. Ran into issues with it after a while software wise.
Now the Moga... The software if pretty good, it really depends a lot on what game or emulator you are using as to how handy it is, All the main emulators are happy with it though. Still doesn't have the on screen control but then you cannot really do that with any software without input interrupts - need root. The Moga grips my S8 well, slightly off-centre due to that Bixby button but otherwise all good. Not sure it would have if Ihad gone for the Plus. I am tempted by the Moga Pro, as it is a lot more pad like for size and inputs. Will have to see how much use I make of this one first.

5th July 2017 - Monsters and Tech

Update on the S8 - loving it.
Update on my gaming - also loving it!

Only problem I am currently having is deciding what I am playing at any one time. Farcry 3 is more fun than I remember, Homeworld keeps calling me, Witcher 3 also hunts for my attention... Talking of hunting, Monster Hunter stands at my door and scolds me if I don`t get some quests in!
Got some good Monster Hunter videos on YT now,

Oh, Bloody Roar also. Starting to quite like Bloody Roar 4, for all it`s quirks. Still cannot fathom the forcefeild round fights, weird addition. However the quality of animation and the characters all make up for it. Working through Career mode still - it is a strange take on the game.