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27th May 2017 - Multiplayer Madness

Good News:
I got multiplayer in Monster Hunter 3rd HD working!
Check out the three videos uploaded to see myself and Kay. We chatted via mobile, so there is nothing recorded for chat unfortunately. Next time we plan to chat via the PC so you can hear the crazy talk. We didn't stream the events of the night as wanted to keep the multiplayer as smooth as possible. What we might do is stream the videos so that they still go on Twitch at some point. For now they are just on YouTube.

If you like the videos, please do hit the Like button. I have had some comments, which is awesome!

I may play some more Bloody Roar tonight, that seems popular too. Plus, I need that character still!

26th May 2017 - n00b Mistake!

The new version of PPSSPP is so much better than the last! Smooth, fast and more accurate. So I did a clean install of it to get the best results...

I forgot to back up my save file!!!.

So I am restarting Monster Hunter HD. Oh well, it could have been a LOT worse.
It could have been my 500+ hour Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate save!

25th May 2017 - A sad week

It has been a strange and difficult week.
The bomb in Manchester - I am not going to talk about that, it was horrible and I will say no more other than I feel bad for the families involved.

20th May 2017 - Questing forever...

I uploaded 2 videos today to YouTube; a Street Fighter V with me playing against someone online, Bloody Roar with me trying to unlock that character again.
I didn't do great on either. Well, I did OK but "Could Do Better". SFV was a lot of fun, a good opponent. Bloody Roar, this seems to be an endless quest!
I love Survival Mode in fighting games, I will record some Street Fighter Survivals at some point. I like the ongoing battle. I think the first time I played Survival - sort of - was in Mortal Kombat, probably the first one, where you have to fight 3 people in a row on one health bar. I like the Endless Mode in Bejeweled. I like Skyrim.

Skyrim, endless mode? Well, it has been for me. I have never completed the main quest. I get distracted with the side quests and exploring, there is always something different to do. I also find situations where I think "Oooh, if I could do it this way I might get a different result", then I end up restarting with a different character build!
Currently I have uploaded 2 episodes as me playing a werewolf outside the main story. I initially thought this might be entertaining. However, I think maybe not. The random wandering will surely only be the same as other people's random wanderings.
I have a new plan. I am going to play the game as pure as possible (Enhanced Edition obviously), I will do everything possible to stay on the storyline. I think it might be of interest to even seasoned players to see how I handle situations that they have done themselves. Maybe not, however, this will be my new quest!

Oh, I will get the trailer video for my channel done at SOME point tin the next few days!

16th May 2017 - Hunting and pool!

Finally got around to uploading videos. Couple of vids last night, both Monster Hunter. I have just noticed that the "camera" is off centre, I will fix that for next videos!
I did ok on the hunt last night - a lot more kills than expected, in a good way. I also managed to finally beat a quest that has been plaguing me for weeks on my 3DS Monster Hunter as well.

Thinking of a proper intro/trailer video for my YouTube channel, hopefully I can get this done tonight.

So what else have I been up to gaming wise the last few days? Not a lot - I have found a game I have been enjoying a lot recently on Android...
It's pool! 8 Bit Pool by Miniclip reminds me of Arcade Pool that Team 17 did back in the days of the Amiga.

Anyway, I need to head off now - will post some more constructive musings later!

13th May 2017 - Delays...

Meant to upload the videos last night - bit of a delay, should be up later!

12th May 2017 - Emulation Slowdown!

Did some very random streaming last night...
I started with Soul Caliber 3 on the PS2 emulator - it's one of the few games I still have my PS2 for. However it is easier to just fire up the emulator than hook the PS2 back up.
The game runs a dream on the emulator, well, until you try to stream it! I hadn't taken into account that OBS and the PS2 em were using the same hardware for quite tricky graphical maths. As a result the game slowed right down. I tried a few different tweaks and changes - it's probably fine now (but lower quality) - however I got tired/bored.
So, played some Gunman Clive, forgetting that I am stuck on a very tricky bit. I realised the consistent deaths were unlikely to be entertaining anyone so changed again to FTL.
FTL is a great game, it was going really well too. Unfortunately I ran out of time and bed was needed - I do plan to continue the FTL mission later.

The other plan for tonight, following the failure of the value headset option I talked about before, I have borrowed a PiMax 4k headset. It's a nice looking headset and I am looking forward to experiencing Elite Dangerous in amazovision! Will be giving it back Monday, this should answer the question of whether my eyes will take it.

11th May 2017 - MIA - only Virtually!

Where has the wolf been? Lots of things really; big changes at work, trying new things...
Work is all good though. Really proud of my daughter too as she recently went up in Maths at school again.
Maths was NOT my strong point at work!

From a gaming point I have been playing but not recording - mainly as I have been tinkering with cheap VR...
I have used a £24 headset which holds my mobile and a program called Riftcat (with companion app VRidge).
The idea is simple, the app makes the PC think the mobile headset is a Rift - using the phone positional for head tracking. It works quite well!
BIG problem with it though - for me at least - my phone gets stupidly hot and shuts down! So that has ended that.
I have already discussed with store owner and am going to return headset. I am borrowing my friend's PiMax to try - looks awesome.

Gonna be a while until I can afford one though!

7th May 2017 - Old school shenanigans

This weekend has been a fun and varied one for gaming.
Today we broke out the old Singstar set for the PS3, including PS2 disks that also load into the game.
NOW, I don't assault others with my attempts at singing, instead I watched my girls sing. My daughter did great with Abba, missus was a Rising Star with Bob Jovi.

Myself, well I have been playing Chrono Trigger, a truly brilliant game. Not played in a long time but got the urge after reading a top 10 RPG list. Monster Hunter 4 is on there too!

Tonight's videos have been Street Fighter and Bloody Roar themed. Not been quite on point tonight. Did play better on Elite Dangerous, didn't video that though.

4th May 2017 - Finally back!

I will do a proper post and update later. However, I present some Street Fighter in the latest video.
I have been playing with some of the unofficial mods - they don't affect gameplay but, well, you'll see!

I will get something Star Wars related played later.

May the Fourth Be With You!

27th April 2017 - Missing vid?

No recent video on my channels?
Ah, well that's my fault! Got hooked on Neverwinter the other night! Having fun with it. I will get round to streaming it soon!

Tonight I plan to stream another Skyrim episode and maybe some Bloody Roar too.

25th April 2017 - Skyrim and Neverwinter

So, fixed the video quality issue for Skyrim when recording; rookie mistake, Skyrim streams textures from the drive and I had the recordings going to the same drive.
I have moved Skyrim to the SSD, problem solved. Created a new character, added a mod for the type. Going well so far! Recorded an hour, I think I will make Skyrim into 1 hour episodes.

Last night I got playing Neverwinter. Being a veteran of Neverwinter Nights - which I cannot play on Windows 10 - I decided to give it a go.
Liking it so far, I'll go into further details when I have made up my mind.

23rd April 2017 - Skyrim returns!

Skyrim is one of those games I struggle to complete - simply because of all the side quests, discoveries and other things in the game that distract from the path of the story.
What is also brilliant about the Elder Scrolls games in general though is that these distractions actually form the world around you, in essence they are as much to do with the story telling as the scripted plot. A lot of games get that wrong.
The other reason I struggle is the "what if" moments, involving me making a whole new character to try a different approach to things. I have made good characters, evil characters and also mixed skills and backgrounds in all sorts of odd ways.

So my plan last night was to start again. this time on the newer Enhanced Edition, using a mod that allows me to just be in the world and skip the tutorials. I will be playing this in episodes, probably a quest at a time. last night was fun!

Not sure why the video quality is down though, will have to check OBS settings.

23rd April 2017 - Shadow of my usual self

Well, played 7 games against Shreya at Shadow Era last night - lost the lot!

I have also been trying to write up the other bits of the website. My mind just isn't on it.
Might be due to my end of year review at work coming up, the previously mentioned death or something else entirely...
All fun!

Games wise I have been testing out a new rig I recenly finished off. It is made of various parts donated to me, seems to be doing ok so far!

I will start streaming again and playing more, I will also have more interesting things soon - honest!

21st April 2017 - Memory

The memory is an odd thing. I don't know how it works for everyone, mine is a bit random - I will remember things from years ago as if yesterday and completely forget yesterday.

Today has a particularly sad memory attached to it, my wife's mum died on this day around 20 years ago. It still affects us as much as it did then. I know she would be proud of my wife and my daughter, she is missed.

I also forgot my watch today, I only started wearing one again a few months ago, yet my wrist feels a little lost without it.
We never seem to notice the things we should remember, until we have to remember because they are Gone.

20th April 2017 - Did it! Oooops..

If you go to the YouTube channel and watch the latest Bloody Roar Primal Fury video you will see me first fight as Yugo the Wolf then play as Uriko the Half Beast (cat). I actually complete Arcade mode with Uriko, unlocking the cyber mole Kohryu.
Then I forgot to save the game! Doh!

20th April 2017 - Musically challenged, 3DS-less!

So, I was careful to use music last night that wouldn't get any copyright issues when recording Shadow Era last night.
Previously YouTube has marked vids as using © music, even when it is the in-game music. Why is this a problem? Because they can then include adverts into my videos!
Long story short, they still flagged my choice of music. So I will still likely have adverts. I will find something new to use.

3DS-less, maybe a touch dramatic sounding, however today the weather is awful and thus excellent lighting for playing on the bus.
So today, having not checked that before leaving the house, I didn't bring mine due to yesterday's sun.
Guess I'll be playing more Shadow Era instead then!

19th April 2017 - Shadow Era, Me Vs Human!

The upload tonight has me playing the NPCs for about 30 mins and then changes to me vs my friend Shreya for the rest.
I tried a variety of decks against her, the last match was very close!

She beat me on the battle we had just after recording finished - doh!

18th April 2017 - SHADOWS

Good stuff and bad stuff...
On the good side of things, I created a new deck - Elemental - for Shadow Era and have also gone up a level.
I have also had some really nice feedback on the site. I just need to get the comments section running.

On the bad news side, well - the other reason for the title being Shadows is that there is one over the household at the moment.
On Friday it will be the anniversary of the death of an amazing woman. Amazing because she was the mother of my wife. A sad loss indeed.

There may well not be much in the way of gameplay videos this week.

18th April 2017 - Recording from 3DS

I looked into the cost of fitting video capture to a 3DS to get footage of things like Monster Hunter and other great games on there...
Yeah, not happening for a while. £300-400 for a device with one. So I guess I will stick to PC streaming for now!

17th April 2017 - Levelling Shadow Era

Shadow Era is a great game, which I will be writing about properly when I get some time.
Tonight I played some battles against NPCs to build up my level. I want tougher NPCs but I need to level up to get them. I don't tend to play online much, I may start to though.
My daughter is also learning to play, which is why I was so happy to find that chat can be completely disabled on all platforms!

Anyway, enjoy watching!

16th April 2017 - Gunman Clive

I really like the Steam version. OK, so it is the same as the 3DS but that is kind of the point. Only thing that I didn't realise is the effect of the 3D over flat screen. With the 3DS it is one of the few games I can comfortably play in 3D (New 3DSxl - the original 3DS would wreck me). The bats fly out of the screen at you!
Hope you enjoy the video. I am going to carry it on tomorrow - hopefully!

16th April 2017 - Hunting and Cowboys

There is a great little game, now with a sequel, called Gunman Clive on the 2DS/3DS and Steam.

I was about to link a gameplay video from YouTube when I discovered that it is on Steam!
So, I shall get it on Steam and then stream/record it for my own video. However, it is a good game. Bit old now - about 4 years old - however this manes nothing. The game plays a bit like Megaman, with an art style that looks drawn in the style of old western wanted posters. I have had it a while on 3DS but not really played it until now.
As mentioned, I'll get a video and proper review soon.

As for Monster Hunter today, I have recently completed a set of armour that I really like. It looks as if I have walked into the Monster Hunter world in my normal clothes! Yet the skills it grants are great.
There is a pic here now and more details in the Games section later today.

15th April 2017 - Bloody Roar 2, nostalgia glasses?

I love the Bloody Roar games. 1, 2 and Primal Fury were all excellent. 3 and 4 started to lose the way.
There will be more about the series soon in my games section.
Why am I mentioning it now? Because I just recorded some Bloody Roar 2 gameplay! It does look rough compared to the later games, however the cartoony feel is very nice. And blood! It makes sense.

15th April 2017 - Playstation Fixed!

Been gardening all day, finally online now and going to stream something new. Well, old but new for streaming.
Basically my favourite version of Bloody Roar is number 2. I have it on Playstation (original disk) and I play it on PS3.
I used to play it via emulation and thought this ideal for streaming....
I couldn't. Then, finally, eventually I made a breakthrough - GamingLister had the solution!

14th April 2017 - Oh wow! Maybe!

It would appear we may be getting Monster Hunter Online - the PC online game - in the west at last! There was an English translation patch for it but that got blocked over a year ago, this may be an actual release...
Eteknix article here
I hope they do a good job. The article mentions the issues of ports, thing is I think they are missing the point. This is translation, not recoding as much as DS was.
I am hopeful!

14th April 2017 - Uploading... Fluffed!

Set up last night's videos to upload to YouTube, I record to hard drive at the same time as streaming to Twitch so that the YouTube ones are the best quality, I then came downstairs this morning to find.....
Windows Update Complete
So... Only one video had uploaded out of the three! Gah.

Windows Update in Windows 10 is set to update when the machine is not in use, evidentally it doesn't count a YT upload as activity.

13th April 2017 - Streaming stuff

So tonight I streamed 2 games; Bloody Roar: Primal Fury and Elite. Just realised I forgot to try multi-crew, will tomorrow.
Bloody Roar was fun tonight, Primal Fury is a great one for the series but I do miss playing the older Bloody Roar 2. I cannot stream that as for some reason ePSXe is not working. I cannot stream from my PS3 either. soon as I get ePSXe working I will do.

13th April 2017 - Making my face and losing my place!

Elite: Dangerous 2.3 is fun so far. I made a video just after installing today and in it you will see me completely struggle because the controls have changed!
You will also see the new face generator in action, I had a good go with it although I am going to have another attempt when I am not so sleepy.

I then thought I would show exploration and scanning, promptly realised it may be boring and decided to head home where the action is...
It is a way away, so - I will do that on video another time. I still need to get the controls sorted properly.

Appology from me as well, the screen settings were also a mess after the re-install.

13th April 2017 - Elite Dangerous 2.3 and new things in the store.

I love Elite Dangerous, I have been a fan of the series since the first one I played in 1986. Well they just released a new patch, with all sorts of goodies in there - an actual character creator (cosmetic) and multi-crew on ships (nice one). They have also populated the store with new goodies too, not just custom ship paint jobs and the expected cosmetics for character creation, they have released some very nice ways to name your ship too.
I am interested to see if anyone comes up with anything truly creative, name wise.

Now when it comes to the store I am very happy with the way Frontier Developments have done this; you buy the Base game at a reasonable price, you buy expansions - pointing out here that the one expansion released was a lot of stuff, this latest patch is part of it. Some games would have classed this patch as another, paid for, expansion. With these (currently 2) purchases you have a complete game, no extra monthly charges to play online, no pay walls for content.
So why the store? Basically the store sells cosmetics, ship colours and other things that do not affect the gameplay at all. These payments are what keeps the servers running.
This is a model all games should adopt!

13th April 2017 - Monster Hunter Stories Announcement

Monster Hunter Stories has been announced for this "Fall" - which for Europe means it will likely be end of Autumn or start of Winter.
MHS is basically a mix of Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy and Pokemon - from what I can tell. it is turn based combat, which for me will feel odd considering it's the direct input, live combat I love so much in the MH series. Still, I will blatantly get it and play it!
The last MH/FF switchover was Final Fantasy Chronicles, which was a nice little game spoiled by the overpowered system of using minions to fight for you.

I have watched some of the MHS anime, the first couple of episodes were sloooow, not seen beyond those.

13th April 2017 - Scorpio Knight?

This article Scorpio Dev Kit says that the XBOne replacement Scorpio has a Dev kit (a non retail machine to make games on for retail machines), which has twice the RAM and a load more storage space than the retail units. it also has a teeny more power in the graphics department. My worry is this; they make games on this beast and are happy with them, the players try to run the same games and are not.
Arkham Knight was a game made for consoles and then ported to PC, it ran into all sorts of issues on release, even to the point of it being recalled. Why? Because the specifications of the original machines used were very different to the majority of machines used by players...

13th April 2017 - A new idea

I have realised that if I am updating this daily I am going to end up with a very Long page, even if it is just one month. So what I am planning is to have a page a week, maybe separate it into two - general thoughts at the top and geek/gaming related in the bottom half.
Did not get on the PC last night so it hasn't happened yet, it will!

12th April 2017 - Twitter clarification

My Twitter account @cwolfxuk is a new account, replacing @cwolfx
I made the new one to start afresh with my website and online-ness.

12th April 2017 - The site

The site is coming along nicely. Going to add a comments section at the weekend probably. In the meantime I can be contacted through Twitter @cwolfxuk
I do plan to get the game reviews and the About Me sections done before next week. It currently being school holidays though means I have less time as cub is up later...
All good!

12th April 2017 - Trolls...

So, my daughter learned an important lesson about the Internet last night:
She plays a game called Star Stable and also watches a lot of YouTube videos about Star Stable. one such video explained how to get a free horse within the game.
To explain a little; Star Stable is an online game, free to play but you can top up money via real money or membership. She is a Lifetime member, so gets regular top-ups automatically at no extra cost. The only downside being that the top-ups are weekly and the horse she wanted costs several weeks worth.
This "free horse" cheat involved some very specific riding, some causing lag on the client side and a code. I warned her that this sort of thing can get accounts banned - which she hadn't realised.
"But she hasn't been banned!"
I pointed out that the YT person hadn't actually completed the thing she was broadcasting as she apparently didn't want the horse on screen, this was ringing alarm bells.
I then flicked through the comments and found where the YouTuber had stated it was a joke...
Daughter was not pleased.

Learning about Internet trolls the hard way!

11th April 2017

Currently on the Twitch app and wondering why on my front page it is showing the Minecraft vid, yet that was not the latest vid? Strange. Not been on the PC since the mess with Monster Hunter The other night. Hopefully on tonight.

10th April 2017

Welcome to the new site! still in construction, thought I would just give a quick overview for my plans here...
I created the site to link together the online gaming services I use for streaming games, having got into it rather late. I am not looking to become some sort of online celebrity, I just have a lot of fun Gaming and thoughts on games that I want to get out.
The site will be three things:
1. A link to streaming services
2. A place for me to post reviews
3. A place for me to blog freely without rules put in place by the big boys

I am going to be adding a comments section soon and will welcome feedback.